Sinomet attain the good beginning in 2020.


During to the Corona virus, Sinomet aluminum have delay the openning till to March, but attain a good beginning in 2020. Ours workers have standby, and Sinomet Aluminum orders placed have reached 3560 tons till to 5th March 2020. All the equipments have working on. Ours ram materials have standby. Sinomet are thanks ours customers trust and thanks ours team efforts. 

In this year,sinomet intensified its efforts in product inspection to bring better products to customers. The number of inspectors increased from 57 to 75. The inspectors were mainly responsible for whether the products were damaged, burrs and color standards and other products service.

In order to increase production, invest in more advanced equipment, improve the efficiency of workers, to provide customers with a better delivery period.

Sinomet can customize the required products according to the customer's drawings

Aluminum series from 1 series aluminum alloy to 8 series aluminum alloy are available, as long as it is aluminum products, are in our service range, welcome to your arrival.

Sinomet attain the good beginning in 2020.

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