Sinomet Aluminum industrial extrusion do a good job


Sinomet Aluminum Industrial extrusion do a good job and praised by customer. The 6082 industrial extrusion testing by customer and very satified with the result. " Sinomet do a good job on it. We are very satify it." The customer said. Sinomet welcome more and more industrial extrusion inquiries. 

Three principles of aluminum extrusion profile produce error-proof management

So that the production of aluminum extruded profile steps more easily

Difficult to observe,difficult to take,difficult to move,and other operations become difficult to do,become easy to fatigue and error.Distinguish colors to make them easy to see,or magnify them,or add handles to make them easy to handle.

Don't use intuition to work

Work that requires a high degree skill and intuition is prone to errors.Consider fixtures and tools and mechanise so that newcomers or support staff can do error free work.

Keep the operation safe

Where an unsafe or unstable device poses a danger to a person or product,improve it so that it is not dangerous.

Sinomet Aluminum industrial extrusion do a good job

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