Sinomet produce the Turbo charger extrusion sucessfully


Sinomet Aluminum have develop the Turbo Charger extrusion sucessfully. Sinomet Turbo extrusion will be used for Autos Turbo and have a large market prospect. Also have good CNC fabrication prospect in Auto industry.

Technical requirements of government departments for the production of aluminum products

  1. Seriously check the backward process equipment.We will resolutely implement relevant state laws,regulations and industrial policies,step up inspections of outdated technological equipment in key industries,and step up inspections of production facilities that have been closed or withdrawn.

  2. Shut down backward technological equipment according to law.In accordance with relevant industrial policies and regulations,the relevant technological equipment shall be eliminated and the corresponding main equiment shall be dismantled.

Our company forbids the use of outdated equipment

In order to protect the safety of employees,our factory has been promoting the investment mechanism of new equipment and regularly replacing old equipment that has been used for too long.

Sinomet produce the Turbo charger extrusion sucessfully

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